Call for Submissions: Works of Sculpture Under the Theme “Ningbo’s Charitable Spirit” (Участвайте с Ваши скулптури в проекта “Благотворителният дух на Нинбо”)

Call for Submissions: Works of Sculpture Under the Theme “Ningbo’s Charitable Spirit”


  1. Purpose  

The Ningbo Aixin Park, or Ningbo Park of Charity, was founded to promote the spirit of charity and positive social values among citizens, and to serve as a symbol of the city’s strong sense of altruism. Located in the city center on the banks of the Fenghua River, the Park opened in March 2018 and has been well-received by the public; an expansion of the Park is planned for the near future. The “Ningbo’s Charitable Spirit” theme sculpture will feature prominently in the Park’s expansion area and will serve as the centerpiece of the entire Park.

  1. Theme

All sculptures submitted must be created under the theme “Ningbo’s Charitable and Altruistic Spirit” and effectively convey Ningbo citizens’ strong sense of compassion.   

All designs must be in harmony with the Park’s overall style and convey a serious, profound message to viewers.

Artists are encouraged to incorporate into their submissions memorial walls, memorial plaques, and flower tribute spaces dedicated to exceptionally altruistic citizens (such as those who donated organs or lost their lives in an act of altruism).

  1. Submissions period

May 10th-August 31st, 2018

  1. Participants

Professional and student artists from all countries are welcome to submit sculpture designs. Both collaborative and individual works are welcome. Submissions in the name of an art institution are also allowed.

  1. Location

Dimensions for the base (shape: four-sided irregular polygon) of the sculpture, tentatively planned to be placed at the Aixin Park Square facing Lingqiao Rd., are as follows:

North side length—14.2m

West side (Lingqiao Rd side) length—15.1m

South side length—14.2m

East side length (Fenghua River side)—12.1m

Base elevation—2m

  1. Submission
  • All required materials—including an applicationform and other documents—must be submitted on-line or delivered via post.
  • To submit on-line, please emailyour design and application documents to Title your email ”爱心宁波主题雕塑作品/ name of artist(s)”.
  • Applications can also be delivered via post or in person to the following address:

Haishuqu Wenmingban

61 Haishuqu Xianqianjie 

Haishu, Ningbo, Zhejiang,

PR CHINA, 315000

Contacts: SHI Min / YU Qiyong,

+86 574 5588 9371(landline)/+86 152 6840 8311(mobile)


  • Documents required:
  • Independent artists (Chinese): Photocopy of your Chinese Resident Identity Card, front and back
  • Independent artists (non-Chinese):Photocopy of your passport (reminder: please submit your work under the name on your passport).
  • Artists submitting in the name of an art institution: A photocopy of your institution’s charter,business license, or Legal Person Registration Certificate.
  • For all:
    • The application form is attachedbehind (Annex 4). All blanks must be filled in. The form must be signed by the applicant or bear the personal seal of the applicant in order to be considered legitimate.
    • A specificationdocument indicating:
      • the artwork’s title anddesign concept;
      • the artwork’s dimensions andrequirements for installation
      • materials used.
    • Design papers including:
      • Plan view drawing of artwork
      • Elevationview drawing of artwork
      • 3D or multi-dimensional rendering (static or animated)
      • other supplementary drawings/figures
    • Requirements:
      • The design must be the artist(s)’own work and should not have previously been displayed in any public space;
      • The artist(s) must have full ownership of all relevant IPR of the design submitted;
      • The design must demonstrateoriginality and creativity;
      • The design must be aesthetically pleasing and suitable for installationin an outdoor environment;
      • The designshould be durable, safe to the public and feasible to install.

Candidates submitting multiple designs must make sure that all drawings, descriptions under each title are correspondingly named. Designs that require the assembly of multiple parts must be submitted with clear installation instructions. Definition of all digital graphs submitted should be over 300DPI.

All submitted files and miniature models will be kept by the organizing committee and will not be returned.

  1. Compensation

All artworks submitted will be regarded as charitable donations to the Ningbo Aixin Park. Shortlisted designs will be released via public media platforms for public review. The creators of shortlisted works will receive a financially compensation proportional to the cost of creating the artwork. The creator(s) of the winning design will have their names inscribed on a plaque attached to the final sculpture and be presented with a monetary award.

10 finalists will be selected from all submissions by the organizing committee’s review panel. Among the ten, one will be awarded the top prize (award: 100,000 RMB), two will be awarded the second prize (award: 50,000 RMB each), and the remaining seven will be awarded the third prize (award: 20,000 RMB each) based on the results of a public vote. An additional few will be selected from the remainder of the submissions and awarded a “certificate of excellence”.


  1. Intellectual Property and Copyright Declaration
  • The submitting party hereby assigns to the organizing party the right to use the design and samples handed in for exhibition and event publicity upon delivery of materials.
  • The submitting party affirms that the submitted materials are originally developed or created by the submitting party. The submitting party guarantees that the submitted materials are publicized for the first time and will in no way incur infringement of intellectual property rights(including copyrights, trademark rights, patents). If any such disputes should occur as a result, any legal responsibilities and/or damages shall be borne by the submitting party. The organizing party retains the right to withdraw any financial compensations and award certificates.
  • Upon delivery of materials to the organizing party, submitting party agrees to and accepts the terms set forth in this declaration and does not need to acknowledge it in writing or in any other form.
  • The laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China apply during all disputes related to the event. Disputes shall be arbitrated by the courts of law of The organizing party reserves the right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of the event.


  1. Organizing Party

”Ningbo’s Charitable Spirit” Sculpture Contest Organizing Committee is responsible for organizing the event. Its office is located within the Haishu District Civility Office in Ningbo, China.



  1. Aixin Park location
  2. Map of Park
  3. Map of the installation locationand photos of the sculpture base
  4. Application Form


”Ningbo’s Charitable Spirit” Sculpture Contest Organizing Committee


May, 2018


Annex 1:Aixin Park Location


Annex 2:Layout plan of the park


Annex 3:Map of the designated place for sculpture and pictures of the installation platform



View of the platform from the northeast

View of the platform from the north


View of the platform from the east

View of the platform from the south 1


View of the platform from the south 2


View of the platform from the northwest

Annex 4

Registration Form

Name   Sex   Age   E-mail  
Mobile Number   Organization  
Artwork Description (attach additional pages when necessary) Sculpture Name  

Note: 1. Submitted materials will not be returned, please keep a copy for future reference.

  1. All blanks should be filled in except for the Comments section.
  2. Submitted materials should be originally developed or created. No plagiarism. IPR of submitted materials should be fully owned by the submitter. If any disputes should occur related to IPR, the submitting party is punishable by law.
  3. The organizer is hereby authorized to use the submitted materials for event publicity and thus the submitting party will not receive remuneration for event publications.

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